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AUTOREPAIRWhen your vehicle isn’t running correctly, you want it repaired quickly and properly. Smog Stop Shop Inc. is that place. Our skilled, certified technicians can fix any car, foreign or domestic, new or old.

We also understand the stress, aggravation. and endless paperwork that accompany any vehicle problems. We not only work with you, but we also work to get you financing to achieve the best outcome possible.

Our diagnostic abilities are second to none. We take the time to get to the root of the problem, ensuring it’s fixed right.

Your car is one of your most valuable assets. You want to bring it to someone you can trust, who knows what they are doing and can fix it right the first time. That’s why here at Smog Stop Shop Inc., we employ mechanics that are ASE certified.

What does that mean? While many may tinker with cars, only mechanics that have successfully passed the testing at the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) receive this certification. You can trust the knowledge and expertise of any mechanic who’s achieved this milestone. Bringing your car to someone who is certified saves you time and money, and also gives you peace of mind that your car was fixed correctly.

Smog Emissions Test

State Safety Inspection

Growing concern over clean air has spurred state governments to impose vehicle emission checks. Some states require mandatory emissions testing, while others don’t require them at all. In California, vehicles are required to be smog checked every 2 years. We provide those services!

A smog check certificate of compliance or non-compliance is valid for 90 days. It is the responsibility of the seller to provide a valid smog certificate at the time of delivery of the vehicle. There is no provision in the law to sell a vehicle “as is.”

car mechanic

Today’s engines are complex electrical systems. When something goes wrong like rough running, low fuel economy, warning lights, finding the problem can be quite complex. That’s why the technicians at Smog Stop Shop Inc. are experts at diagnosing and fixing these problems, and much more.

Besides their experience and skills, our technicians are equipped with the latest diagnostic computer technology, allowing them to pinpoint the cause of your problems. We provide estimates on any repairs up front, and competitive rates on all the parts we use. Don’t jeopardize your most valuable asset by taking it to just anyone for this sort of repair. Take it to qualified, certified experts who can have you and your car up and running in no time.

Even the best engine will eventually suffer the ravages of time just through normal wear and tear. This results in both a loss of performance and fuel economy. You can prevent this and extend the life of your car for as long as possible with regular engine tune-ups.

Clogged fuel injectors, dirty filters, and corroded spark plugs can all hurt your engine. During a tune-up, these features and more are checked and replaced if need be in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines. This will maximize the efficiency of your engine, and thus your car, keeping it running smoothly for many, many years to come.


Standard or ABS

Your safety should be of the utmost importance every time you get behind the wheel. That is why annual brake inspections are absolutely necessary. Our technicians know every aspect of every brake system, from the brake pedal to the anti-lock sensors to the hydraulic brake fluid. Good brakes can be all that stands between a driver and a horrific accident. So be prepared, and be sure to check your brakes right away if:

  • They are too low, soft or hard;
  • The brake warning light stays on;
  • They squeal or grind.

Any time you experience these or any other problems, come in for a check. We will examine the system, explain what’s required and what’s optional, and provide you with an estimate.



radiatorYour car has many moving parts under the hood, and your radiator keeps them from overheating. It pumps cooling air and liquid around each system, keeping everything working as it should. When your radiator goes out, expect smoke and an awful burning smell from your car.

If your radiator leaks or fails to function properly, it needs immediate fixing. If the radiator isn’t fixed properly, then you can expect extensive—and expensive—damage under the hood. If you take your car to Smog Stop Shop Inc., we will test, flush, and refill your system to ensure that it runs smoothly and keeps your car working properly.

Oil change

Changing your oil every 3,000 to 5,000 miles is as vital to your vehicle as putting gasoline in it. Here at Smog Stop Shop Inc., we follow manufacturer recommendations precisely when it comes to changing your oil and your oil filter to keep your car in top shape.

Not only will we use the correct viscosity of oil, but we will also use this time to perform a visual check of all your filters and fluids, as well as your tire pressure. It’s always better to find and stop a problem before it occurs, after all. This type of preventive maintenance will save you time and money.


Who wants to spend one minute sitting in a hot, sticky car? This is why your air conditioner is so important, and why you should bring your car and its malfunctioning air conditioner to Smog Stop Shop Inc.

A lot can go wrong with an air conditioner; hoses crack, seals wear, fittings loosen and much more. Here at Smog Stop Shop Inc., we run a thorough test of the entire air conditioning system in all its intricacies to ascertain where the problem lies. Then we fix it, before a little problem becomes a bigger one. Who wants to spend a hot California day in a sticky car? No one, and no one should have to, if they bring their car here to us.

You may not know exactly what your alternator does, but trust us, your car can’t run without it.

Basically the alternator takes the charge from your battery and uses it to convert your gasoline to energy, thus running your motor. When your alternator malfunctions, your car doesn’t work. It can be a common problem, and here at Smog Stop Shop Inc., we are experts at fixing it.

Whether your car is old enough to be considered a classic or one of those fancy new hybrids, we can make sure that your alternator and your battery are in top shape to keep you and your car running smoothly.

Car brakeMany car owners can drive their vehicles for months without realizing they need to have their suspension checked and calibrated. Suspension is responsible for the friction between the tires and the road, the steering of the car, and the overall comfort of passengers. Before any long trip, it’s worth the time to get your suspension checked. This will ensure that your car is in great shape for that long drive.

Here at Smog Stop Shop Inc., we do a complete and thorough check of your car and its suspension and steering systems. We analyze it, explain the results, and present a plan to you to return your car to peak performance.

We provide fast and easy solutions for CA DMV registrations. dmvWe process all paperwork and issue license plates and new tags on-site. No waiting in lines. $29 + DMV fees.

Our services include:
Title transfers
Registration Renewals
On-Site Plates & Tags
Duplicate Titles
Lost Stickers and/or Registration Cards
Planned Non-Operations
Out of state to CA transfers
VIN verifications ($50)