car mechanic

Today’s engines are complex electrical systems. When something goes wrong like rough running, low fuel economy, warning lights, finding the problem can be quite complex. That’s why the technicians at Smog Stop Shop Inc. are experts at diagnosing and fixing these problems, and much more.

Besides their experience and skills, our technicians are equipped with the latest diagnostic computer technology, allowing them to pinpoint the cause of your problems. We provide estimates on any repairs up front, and competitive rates on all the parts we use. Don’t jeopardize your most valuable asset by taking it to just anyone for this sort of repair. Take it to qualified, certified experts who can have you and your car up and running in no time.

Even the best engine will eventually suffer the ravages of time just through normal wear and tear. This results in both a loss of performance and fuel economy. You can prevent this and extend the life of your car for as long as possible with regular engine tune-ups.

Clogged fuel injectors, dirty filters, and corroded spark plugs can all hurt your engine. During a tune-up, these features and more are checked and replaced if need be in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines. This will maximize the efficiency of your engine, and thus your car, keeping it running smoothly for many, many years to come.